SPAC 2020

APMP Southern Proposal Accents Conference

Currently, SPAC 2021 is targeted for March 2021

After considerable discussion with our venue and hotel partners about how to handle SPAC 2020 in light of the evolving public health emergency and uncertain business environment, we have concluded that the most prudent choice at this time is to cancel SPAC 2020 completely and not reschedule for early September as previously communicated. We believe that this is the best course for all parties and have gotten agreement from our contracted providers that we can cancel with no penalty.

Our intention is to plan for SPAC 2021 in the first quarter of next year, conditions allowing. We believe that much of the work done in preparation for this year will carry forward, and we hope that many of our presenters, vendors, and registrants will plan on joining us next year.


Full refunds will be provided for all registrants and vendors. No cancellation fees will be charged. Refunds will be handled as follows:

  • We will mail a check to any company or person who originally paid by check. I will reach out to you to confirm details for these checks.
  • For those who paid online via credit or debit card, we will request a credit to that card via PayPal, which is our card processor. If you need the refund to be paid by check rather than reversing the original transaction, please let me know by email.
  • If you prefer to roll your registration over to SPAC 2021, please drop me an email to that effect.

Please let us know if you have any questions or have an individual situation that we need to be aware of.

We are deeply disappointed that SPAC 2020 has to be canceled, and we are grateful for your patience and support as we have worked through this decision. We look forward to regrouping and bringing you an exciting, high-value conference in early 2021.

Please stay safe during these next few months and take all possible precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your community.

See you in 2021!

For the SPAC leadership team,

Keith R. Propst, AF.APM
678-691-8124 (h)
404-285-3766 (c)

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